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COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Your safety and peace of mind is my top concern. Please read this list of safety precautions that I am taking to keep our community safe. 

*As of January 5, 2022, in accordance with Ontario's newest response to Covid-19, photography studios and services may open if they comply with the following conditions:

1. Photography may only be provided by appointment.

2. Patrons must be actively screened.

3. If the photographs are taken indoors, no more than 5 patrons may be in the indoor space where photographs are taken at any one time, unless they are all members of the same household.

Communicating with Clients
The majority of business is conducted online. Online communications are used to plan, schedule, confirm and deliver products. Very little work actually happens in person. With the exception of actually photographing you, the remainder of business can be conducted online, including payment processing.

Physical Distancing

Current Ontario guidelines recommend maintaining a distance of two meters when possible. For sessions that take place outdoors, I will wear a mask if you ask me to, while most often using a long lens so that I can stay at a proper distance without missing any details. I am now able to do sessions indoors, such as events and newborn sessions and I will be wearing a mask for the entire duration. 


Cleaning & Sanitizing
I will be frequently sanitizing my hands before and during sessions. Any props that may be used will be cleaned and sanitized regularly and in between client sessions.

Preparing for Clients

I will be constantly monitoring myself and my family and will not hesitate to cancel all sessions if we feel unwell.  

At this time sessions are limited to individuals, couples and families that have not travelled out of the district and who are currently asymptomatic without any sign of symptoms in the previous two weeks. I will ask clients these questions beforehand via email for confirmation and again in person before conducting the session. 

Monitoring Regional Restrictions

As our province reopens, I am monitoring restrictions as they change and develop. My plan of approach is a working document that will change to adhere to personal safety, regional guidelines, and client concerns.

I look forward to safely capturing your special memories. 

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